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From: Bob Archman
Subject: Guys 5This is an adult story intended for adults. It is a fantasy, so I again
remind you that I have done away with the requirements of safe sex, and
have included no gestures toward common sense either. Please e-mail me if
you have any suggestions or comments.Guys 5By Bald Hairy Man nude ilegal russian
e-mail, or
When we got home the entire house smelled of Italian food. Roger was
cooking and the house was permeated with the smell of sauce. Bob guessed it
was pizza, but I bet it was something more than that. We went russian escorts anal to the
bedrooms to clean up and rest for a minute. Washington requires a lot of
walking. Bernie came in and stripped for a shower. Afterward he asked us to
go to the dorm room where the other guys were. He had an announcement."Coach is going off to Georgetown tonight to see some friends. It will be
Roger and I watching over you tonight." Bernie announced and he paused.
"We had a good time last night in our bedrooms. I said then we could only
enjoy ourselves if we keep this quiet. Are you all still willing to keep
this quiet? I mean, not a word. Ever?" Bob stood up."I don't know about the other guys, but I've never had sex with a man and
never even suspected that anyone wanted to do it with all russian dogs dogs
me." Bob said. "I've
no idea what you are talking about!" Bob was rubbing his crotch while
maintaining the look of offended modesty. Everyone laughed. "Seriously, I
would never get russian private naked anyone into trouble for doing something I want to do
myself!" There was a murmur of approval. "Well, Roger told he had two friends who would like to meet you, if russian girls marriage
interested. I have no idea what they are like, other than Roger likes them
and says they are good guys. He also said, they were really excited about
meeting some young guys." We talked between ourselves and all agreed to
have the additional guests.I was a bit uneasy, but excited. Roger was tall, thin and good looking. I
figured he could pick and chose partners and guessed the men were okay. I
talked with Will about it."Maybe they're trolls!" I said."Shit, the way I feel now, as long as the troll has a cock, I'd be happy."
Will replied. "Last night we played around a little, but it was better
with Sarge and the Chief. They knew what they were doing.""We'll see soon enough." I said. "Last night was really good drunk russian fuck with Bernie.
He's hung like a horse and willing to do just about anything." Dinner was
ready. We went downstairs and Roger produced a huge meal. At the center of
the table was Lasagna, but it was surrounded by other dishes, all unusual,
not one of which was familiar to me. Everything tasted wonderful. We were
helping clean up the table when the doorbell rang. Roger and Bernie
answered the door. They spoke for a few moments and let a man in. He
looked like a recruiting poster for the Marines, russian tiny cunts except older."Boys, let me introduce you to Wellington." Bernie said, He porn of russian then took him
around and introduced Wellington to us individually. Wellington was sex slaves russian a good
six-foot three and stood ramrod straight. He looked like the Marlboro man.
He was dressed in a turtleneck that exposed his muscular chest and his
slacks appeared to be designed to show off his basket.The doorbell rang a second time. The conversation at the door was longer
this time. Eventually a short heavy man entered. He was bald with a gray
beard. A third man entered. He was slightly built, of average height and
had a blond beard. I suddenly recognized him as a correspondent for a
television network. They were russian girl masha introduced as Gus and Phil.Gus was as close to being a troll as I could imagine and as luck would have
it he decided to talk to me. He had a deep voice and when I got to look at
him closely I discovered my russian girls marriage original impression was wrong. He was average
in height. His bulk made him look shorter. He didn't seem to be flabby
either. He looked solid and russian lollita hacked sites massive.I talked with him for a few minutes and realized he was a smart man and was
probably way up in the government. He was very interested in our flood
experiences and seemed to russian girls marriage
know a lot about the emergency services. Bob
joined us and soon we had a spirited discussion about what had worked well
and what didn't. He seemed to be genuinely interested in our impressions
and ideas. Looking back, I realized that taking a 18-year-old seriously is
extremely flattering. It may have been a ploy to get us to have sex with
him. If it was, it worked.We were talking and hadn't noticed that the room was getting empty as guys
went off to play. There was a lull in the conversation. I looked around
and noticed we were alone with only Bernie and Will talking on the other
side of the room."Where did everyone go?" Gus asked. He was surprised."I think everyone has gone upstairs to . . . " Bob paused, "relax. I
wouldn't mind some relaxation myself." I didn't believe Bob was so forward,
then I remembered he had sex with his Uncle. Gus was a dream boat compared
to him."That sure sounds good to me." nude in russian
Gus replied. "Let me warn you though. If you
like bears, I'm your man. If hairy men turn you off, you won't find me
attractive. I've had a few odd experiences with this, so I know it isn't
worth the effort.""What kind of experiences?" Bob asked."You know, you get turned on, russian cute get a guy home, get naked and he laughs at
you." Gus said. "When I said hairy, I meant hairy." He said this in a
light tone of voice, but I knew these were painful experiences. I hadn't
planned to do anything with him, but after that I felt like I had no
choice."Hairy's good for me." I said. We went to my bedroom. It was empty, so we
stripped naked and Bob was on Gus' cock in pink lesbian russians
a split second. Gus had a coat
of hair covering every inch of him. As I felt him, I found the pelt covered
a solid, muscular man. I touched his tits and he shivered a little."Bob. This guy's hairy everywhere except his eyeballs!" I said. "A nice
and illegal russian kiddy thick pelt." Gus laughed. He sat back on the bed and motioned for me
to straddle him, so he could suck my cock. I was more than willing to do
that. He sucked me a few times and then told me to rotate 180
degrees. When I did this, he deep throated my cock and I went to heaven.Bob remained firmly attached to Gus' cock. After a few minutes of Gus'
sucking I was ready to shoot, so I pulled out. I didn't want to cum too
soon, I said."Why buy russian brides don't you take Bob's place and I will suck him for a while?" Gus
suggested. Bob was willing so we traded positions. I hadn't seen Gus'
cock since Bob had it in his mouth ever since Gus dropped his pants. There
are mushroom heads and there are mushroom heads. Gus possessed the king of
mushrooms. It was helmet shaped and the piss slit must have been a half
inch wide. The shaft was thick too, but the flared edge of the head was
very pronounced.Gus had big hairy balls and Bob had sucked them into overdrive. I worked my
tongue into the slit to intercept the sweet precum which oozed in a steady
stream. I worked a finger into his ass and discovered Gus had already
lubricated it. My finger slipped deep into his ass. Nothing was off limits
for Gus. This turned me on immediately."This man needs to be fucked." I said as I got his legs on my shoulders. My
cock was at his hole and I applied some pressure and it slipped in to the
hilt. It felt great, but Gus sexs movie russian began to squeeze his ass and I found myself in
a playful tug of war between my cock and his sphincter. He had clamped down
so tightly my cock felt as if it was trapped in his hole. He began to
rotate his ass and I couldn't believe how good it felt.Bob was moaning in pleasure too. It was hard to believe Gus could
concentrate on the cock in his ass and the cock in his mouth at the same
time, but he was doing it and doing it well. I was on the edge of shooting
when Bernie russian boy porno
and Will entered the room."Do you mind if we use the other bed?" Will asked. Bob, Gus and I
disentangled ourselves."The more the merrier!" Gus said as he released his vice like grip on my
cock and I relaxed some. russian sex kids An orgasm was no longer imminent. Bob had freed
his cock from Gus' mouth and Gus was watching the two new men. Bernie
stripped and turned toward us."Is that thing real?" Gus asked as he caught a glimpse of the horse cock."It sure is." Bernie replied. "Will here wants to take a ride on it. I'm
not sure he can take it, but he's willing to try.""Well, if you want to give him a demonstration, I'm willing!" buy russian brides
Gus said.
"And able! Damn, I love them big!" Bernie laughed."Roger told me you like younger meat. It looks like you have a fresh cock
in your ass already." Bernie said. I thought at first that Bernie didn't
want to fuck Gus, but he was stoking his cock to full erection. "I
wouldn't mind doing a little demonstration. Will, would you mind seeing
how a real bottom slut takes russian girl masterbation
a cock?""Truthfully speaking, I wouldn't mind at all." Will said. "But I really
want something in my ass soon." It always surprised me when a good-looking
guy like Will confessed lusting. I felt that way, but Will was a dream boat
by the standards of the high school. I was a nerd."We've got five cocks in this room!" Bernie said. "Johnny's already
warming up Gus, why don't you bend over and give Bob russian girls nudest a chance to open you
up?" Bob and Will both looked uneasy. Bernie laughed. "You boys are nude in russian used to
being fucked by strangers, aren't you? There is nothing wrong with playing
with friends. Bob's free russian movies young, but he's good at it."Will looked uncomfortable but he got on his back on the bed and put his
legs on Bob's shoulders. I lubricated them and Bob slowly worked his cock
into Will's ass. All trace of being uncomfortable vanished when Bob hit
Will's prostate. Two or three strokes later they were both obviously
enjoying themselves. Bernie came over to Gus and fingered the older man's
ass. I coated the monster cock with lubricant."You have some poppers?" Gus asked. Bernie went to his shaving kit and took
out a bottle. Gus looked pleased."Lovebirds!" Bernie said. "Get over here and watch. You wanted a
demonstration?" I thought Bob and Will would russian escort babes
stop fucking. Will got on his
stomach and hung his ass over the edge of the bed. Bob sunk his cock deep
into Will's ass. Will looked relieved to have a cock back in his hole. We
all had a good view russian hard sex movies of Gus' cock and of Bernie's preparations.Bernie's cock wasn't pretty. litle russian 14 porn It was big with protruding veins that were
accentuated by illegal russian kiddy the lubricant. He placed it at Gus' hole and pushed the head
in."Oh baby!" Gus moaned. "Give me a snort of the Rush." I opened the bottle
and he inhaled. "Ram me good!" Bernie did not do what he was told. He
pulled his cock out. His head, usually enshrouded in the foreskin, was
naked and glistening. Ooze was dripping from his piss slit. He looked at me
and I gave him the bottle and he took a deep sniff and gave it back to
me. The entire cock vanished into Gus' ass."Hot Damn!" Will said. Bob tried a snort from the bottle, then Will, then
me. The next few minutes were a bit confused. There was a lot of fucking
and sucking. Gus' cock became the object of my desire and I tried to deep
throat it. When I came up for air, Will was on it. I had a frantic desire
to suck cock and felt a void in my ass that could only be filled by cock. I
felt as if we were all trying to squeeze every bit of pleasure we could out
of our bodies and those of our playmates.Gus was out of it completely as Bernie pumped him at a good pace. Bernie
pulled out all the way, except for the tip of his head, then rammed it
in. I watch Gus shudder and shiver every time the cock crossed home plate.
Will gave up trying to suck Gus as Bob's relentless pounding continued. You
could feel Bob and Will becoming best friends. Will moved to give Bob a
better angle of attack. I thought it was remarkable no one had shot off
yet.Suddenly there was cum everywhere. Gus came in my mouth. Bernie pulled out
and sprayed Gus and me with his seed. Will stood up shooting cum everywhere
from his rock hard cock, trapping Bob's cock in his ass. Bob was almost
having convulsions as he rear loaded Will.I alone hadn't russian sex video russian cum. Everyone was winded, so I went off to the dorm room to
see how they were doing. Just outside the door I met Phil. He was wearing
jockey sexs movie russian shorts. I was naked. He was carefully groomed with short,
close-cropped hair and hot horny russian girls
matching beard. He shaved below his beard to a line
below his shirt collar location. The close-cropped hair was continuous
below this line. He was tanned and the skin color and hair color almost
matched."Hello," he asked. "I was watching the action in the room. It wasn't hot
enough for you?""Nope, I'm just a fifth russian sex gallery
wheel there." I said. Phil put his hand on my
shoulder."Do you have some time to relax? You look excited." Phil stoked my cock. I
reached into his shorts and touched his equipment."You're a bit excited yourself, aren't you?" I asked. He gave a sheepish
grin."I'm afraid you're right about that." he said. I dropped to my knees,
slipped down his shorts and began to suck. "You're a mind reader too, I
see." he added. Seconds later we were 69ing on the floor.Phil was relaxed once I started to suck and I was comfortable. I relaxed
too and we took nude in russian our time exploring our cocks. It was almost leisurely.
This was a new experience for me, since I was so accustomed to getting done
before we were caught. I had gay russian escorts never sucked a cock of a famous person
before. Phil was beautiful. I had seen him on the television many times,
but hadn't focused on his physical looks.After Gus, I felt as if I had graduated from the frog to the prince.
Thinking back, I realized I had misjudged Gus. He was a nice man and was a
great lover, but it was nice to be with russian lola modles a really attractive man. I also
would have guessed that a well-known guy like Phil would have been stuck
up. He seemed downright grateful I wanted to suck him. He was 55 or so and
I was 18. He told me he liked younger guys. I liked older men and we were
well nude russian 18yr male matched.The sex was nice, but quiet and russian ladies wet I thought it was unexceptional. It remained
unexceptional until I had an orgasm that lasted an hour. It wasn't really
an hour, but compared to my usual, it was long. There was actually a pause
between ejaculations. I shot, felt calm, then the pressure built up again
and the next volley spurted from my cock. The same feeling I get before the
first ejaculation, repeated for each subsequent one. Phil ate every drop.Afterwards we got up and went looking for the other guys. Gus and Bernie
had rallied and were ready to go again. Will and Bob were just as horny as
they had been before. We decided to go to the dorm and see what the other
guys were doing. I was amazed everyone was ready to go again after the huge
orgasms they had. I realized I felt the same way. My orgasm with Phil was
an appetizer, not the main course.
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